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Door Dents
At Front Range we obsess about things… because you shouldn’t. We pride ourselves in being ahead of the trends, we test, experiment, and research so we can give you the absolute best available! Who wants average? Our ceramic coatings are chosen because you deserve the best, with an incomparable experience. Our master detailers have been detailing for 20 plus years, the team we have created are craftsmen is installing coatings to perfection. Why do you want to put a ceramic coating on your vehicle? A ceramic coating is an extremely durable layer of clear glass that goes on top of your paint, glass, and metal after installed it resembles a HIGH GLOSS finish, that shines. (Like the top of the Chrysler Building.) The shine is only an afterthought of the really important function of the coating is it reduces imperfections in the paint from driving, winter road solutions, dirt, washed induced damages, oxidation, watermarks and stains, bird droppings, and most environmental toxins. It forms a barrier that is water repellent and the surface becomes hydrophobic, which makes the vehicle easier to maintain. What is hydrophobic? hy·dro·pho·bic /ˌhīdrəˈfōbik/ Adjective 1. tending to repel or fail to mix with water. (Because sometimes a dictionary is necessary.) Want to know about pricing? Call us. We want to design the best option for YOU, because who wants to fit into a cookie-cutter… and not all coatings do what you may be looking for….. We promise we will be kind when you call.

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