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Door Dents

Interior Detailing

Do you have 8 kids? Live down a dirt road? Is your car “trashed” from that camping trip, or maybe it just “needs a good cleaning?” We can handle most anything you throw at us.

Our Interior Auto Detailing costs by the hour. Our master detailers will treat all the interiors services by vacuuming, shampooing, scrubbing, extracting, and any other professional means necessary to remove stains, dirt, and grime. We love bringing that shine back as best as we can and will work our tails off to get that interior clean again. Leather treatments, smell abatements, anything nasty, we got your back.
Let us make that baby shine like the top of the Chrysler Building.

Exterior Detailing

Taking care of the exterior of your car is so very important in this Colorado Climate.
Rocks, salt, gravel, magnesium chloride, are all things that come up against a Colorado car…
Did you know Colorado’s the sunniest state in the US, and without proper maintenance your car’s paint will start to fade, crack, peel, and oxidize.

We love maintaining your vehicle.
There’s a lot we can do to protect your paint from those freaking Colorado winters, which are brutal on your car, but BEAUTIFUL in the mountains.

  1. Routine Washes. Yes, people. This is crucial to maintain that factory finish. Yes, we know it’s going to snow tomorrow, but if you don’t get that crap off your car now, it WILL start to corrode. Wash, wash, wash. Bring her in, we can take care of this.
  2. Undercarriage cleaning… it is important and it’s something we can do here. Getting that small car up off the ground and cleaning the belly is something we can do and we recommend. This can protect the metal.
  3. Wax/Seal/Protect. There are so many options here, and we don’t mean to overwhelm you.
    1. We at least recommend waxing your car every three months, or seasonally… 4 times a year. This protects the paint/finish of your car.
    2. If you want less maintenance, and superior protection, we recommend a ceramic coating. To start, we would do a full paint correction on your vehicle. What is Paint Correction? We are glad you asked… Check out our CERAMIC COATING PAGE
  4. Paint Correction! What is that? Paint correction is a term that is widely used in the car cleaning/detailing community and with car cleaning enthusiasts, it is the the way we work to restore and rejuvenate paint on your vehicle. We use different methods to remove the imperfections in the paint, such as dull areas, chemicals, fine scratches, acid rain etching, swirl marks, bad car wash scratches, etching from bird droppings, and so much more. Paint Correction is the also the art of removing fine lines and spiderwebs from your paint. You go to crappy car washes, we can fix the problems they leave behind.
  5. Wheels… your wheels biggest enemy is brake dust. Yes they also get salt, mag-chloride, dirt, grime, UV radiation, but the biggest threat is that brake dust. We will clean all the brake dust, and detail your rims to bring them back to life. We will get rid of that dull rim and black gunk all over your rims and make them SHINE.

“So I want an exterior detail, what is your pricing?”
Well swing by. We would love to tailor something to fit your needs. Let’s take a look at your vehicle and bring it back to the best condition it can be!

We Work With All Insurance Companies

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