blog_221615_1956139_1363884479At Front Range Dent Removal we provide our paintless dent repair services to several of Denver’s high end used dealerships. Recently we were at one of our accounts when the owner brought us a vehicle that he wanted to see if we could repair a dent on the front fender. When we took a look at it, this is what we found. This is actually a former “repair” completed by another PDR technician in the Denver area. As you can see in the picture, not only is the dent in this fender not fully removed, this other technician also managed to create irreversible damage to this vehicle. Because of this sub-par repair, this owner will either have to live with this damage or will now have to have it repaired with conventional methods on top of what he has already paid to have done. You may be surprised, but we see this all the time.

This simply goes to show the amount of skill and training that is demanded to complete a paintless dent repair. At times we have customers inform us that they have found a cheaper price elsewhere. At Front Range Dent Removal, we are aware that there are cheaper “options”. Our one comment to this statement, is you pay for what you get. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction on any and every repair that we complete. Take a look at some of our repairs in our gallery, and let our work will speak for itself. Our Work

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