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Why tint your windows in your car?
There’s a lot of reasons really…
Some call it privacy film, some call it window tint… we just like to call it necessary. If you’re trying to beat the heat, or just want the appearance of your car to look a little “smoother,” Front Range has got you COVERED.

Let’s start with the basics.
We use Llumar Window Tint.
Why? We did a LOT of due diligence and found, after trying many brands, that they have the BEST warranty and the best product. We know there are “bigger names” out there like 3M, but really it doesn’t hold up to Llumar and their product. It applies better, lasts longer, and the coverage is superior. Denver gets hot you know? Colorado has more sun than most states.

— What we offer…
2 different kinds of film.

  • Ceramic Film
  • Standard Film

So what’s Ceramic Film?
When you live in Colorado, and you drive around A LOT, you park your car outside at Park Meadows Mall, you drive up to Vail, you go to Cherry Creek to get a bit to eat… and well the sun, it can get ya! Ceramic film has all of the following PERKS…

  • It literally REDUCES the heat… most films actually don’t do that… older films use metal or dye to color the film, ceramic uses nano-ceramic technology, blocks about 99% of UVA and UVB rays which can reduce skin cancer, energy, and make things a lot cooler…

Our regular Llumar dyed window tint is also great standard film.

  • Provides privacy, blocks UVA and UVB rays, reduces glare, and makes your vehicle look a whole lot sleeker.

It’s amazing how much a micro-thin layer of film can improve your life on the road.

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