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Collision Damage
A long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Front Range just started as a Paintless Dent Repair Shop in 2012. We just pushed dents in a small shop in Denver and did a lot of mobile work too. Over the years we have grown and changed as most good things do and we realize we had a big hole in our services… it was the only thing we couldn’t control, paint.
We are obsessive with our quality of work. We kept sending our guests to work out to other paint shops, and sometimes we got okay results, but sometimes we weren’t really happy, so we decided to give birth to a baby, a BODY SHOP!
Front Range opened its paint shop in 2019 in Englewood, Colorado. We wanted to be able to really be a one-stop-shop. Front Range Body Shop in Englewood is able to fix your collision, your door ding that has cracked paint, and even hail damage that requires paint.
We teamed up with Akzo Nobel paint line to bring our customers the best in paint restoration. Our goal in our body shop is to get the most pristine results we can outside of factory paint. We use state-of-the-art paint matching to promise you our paint repairs perfectly match manufacturer standards.
Front Range’s goal is always the same, first, to make you as comfortable as possible with your repair, price isn’t the only consideration, the first thing you want is who can get your car back to the way it was looking before the damage happened.
So whether you live in Parker, Castle Rock, Denver, Highlands Ranch or Golden we have a central location to assist all of our metro area customers.  Please contact us with any questions about our Body Shop and paint repair process. We are here to serve you, and do it well!

Who You Choose To Repair Your Collision Damage Is Important

Every insurance company works with every collision center, whether they are a “preferred shop” or not. Choosing the right repair facility can make your life easy, which is important, we all have enough stress in our lives. We work directly with EVERY insurance company to minimize your stress and we work tirelessly to ensure your car is approved to be repaired the right way.

We Work With All Insurance Companies

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