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Collision Damage
Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a viable option for more than just door dings and hail damage. The trained, skilled technicians at Front Range Dent Removal are also able to take on more significant damage from collisions and fender benders. There are still some limitations with our method (please see below), but if PDR is the best fit, we will likely be able to save you time and money. Paintless dent removal also maintains your vehicle’s factory finish, therefore preserving the value of your vehicle. We’ll get you back on the road to normal sooner than you thought possible.


  • There is no paint damage. PPaint damage inhibits the repair process, while at the same time allowing for the potential of future corrosion and flaking of the paint..
  • The damage must be contained within the panel and it must not have caved or creased the edges of the panel.
  • The collision damage on your vehicle does not require :

    paint work
    Bondo or filler
    Parts replacement
    Frame repair

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