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Door Dents
When you get a dent in your bike, it’s a huge bummer. Maybe you laid it down, were fiddling with something and dropped a tool on it, maybe you hit a deer? Honestly, we have seen it all, and we will make it look like it never happened.Paintless Dent Repair is similar to working on a vehicle, but more advanced. The medal is different, usually thicker, the leverage points are very different, a similar yet stronger set of tools are necessary… basically it’s not your average Joe dent guy who can reshape this… enter your heroes at Front Range. We strap your tank on to a special holder/vice that doesn’t damage it further so we can move that metal back to the original shape and give you a product that brings your bike back to pre-accident condition. We can also repair your fender flares, and most other metal/aluminum parts. So, what do you need from you for an estimate? You don’t live close…
  1. You can email photos of your dent into us. [email protected]
  2. We can give you a price and some more directions if we need better photos.
  3. You can MAIL us your tank to us for repair. We can give you really specific instruction in our email correspondence with you for this step.
You are Denver Metro living:
  1. Swing by one of our shops. We can get you an estimate.
  2. Best case scenario for this estimate, have the tank off, drained, and we can see inside… this will give you an accurate quote.
Let Front Range get you back on the wide open road… in some cases, some cases there is traffic, sorry we can’t fix that.

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