When you get a dent in your fender or tank,
its a HUGE bummer.

Maybe you dropped a tool on it in the garage, or laid it down, another bike banged up against it and now there’s an eyesore… Now you have to deal with the body shop, whose solution is adding bondo, or filler, then repainting, or maybe getting a EVEN getting a new tank, these options aren’t the best. (Don’t start cursing, we got you covered.)

Front Range Dent Removal can repair almost any tank, without paint damage. Vintage bikes, to the new classics, fenders new and classic, and we can make almost any dent go away with the use of fine metal craftsmanship. We reshape metal from the inside out.

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How do I get an estimate:

Instructions for tank dents, the best case is for the tank to be OFF the bike and drained.

IMPORTANT: Please clean the damaged and the surrounding area.
  1. Place a sticky note or piece of colored tape directly under the dent.
  2. Stand 3-4 feet away from the damaged area.
  3. Please provide three photos of the damage from different angles: straight on, left, and right
  4. Include the following information along with the photos in your email:
  5. Contact info (Name, Phone Number, Area of Town) Make, Model, and Year
  6. Email us photos to [email protected]

Mailing in your tank is easy. We want to turn your tank around in a timely fashion. Why would you deal with us in Colorado rather than going local? Because we are the experts in this type of repair. (If you are going to have brain surgery, go with the BEST brain surgeon!)

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