Front Range Education Presents:

Three days of Big Damage

Big damage is a learned skill. Training for years to fix damage that most people would say can’t be done. At Front Range, we will show you the opportunity to make big money repairing doors that the insurance company will pay you sometimes replacement cost.

This weekend will be multifaceted, learning how to repair big damage from two respected techs in the industry, Wade Hartley and Anson Roberts. We will do 2-3 large repairs depending on time and depth. We will also get you up close and personal, walking you through step by step.

We will also spend time training you on how to write a proper estimate for big damage. We will look at real life scenarios passed through Front Range, how we wrote them up and how we

We cap these classes at 15 people so that we can really have one on one time and you can get up close and personal.

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